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We have Doctors trained and highly skilled in many surgery procedures such as Punch Biopsies and the removal of lesions. You will need to see the doctor before the procedure so they can evaluate what is needed. Surgery does take time and will cost more. Your Doctor will be able to give you an estimate of the cost.

Skin Cancer Clinic

The harm caused by skin cancers is reduced by early detection and treatment. For this reason, we encourage people to come for an assessment if they notice a new or changing mole or skin spot. Those people at high risk of developing skin cancer ( or those with previous skin cancer should have a regular skin check.

We offer a skin clinic led by Dr David Anderson who has a special interest in skin cancer management. He holds advanced certificates in skin cancer detection and treatment and is an accredited member of the Skin Cancer College of Australia and New Zealand. If you have one or two spots or moles that you want assessed, then book a normal 15 minute appointment. For a comprehensive head to toe check with photo cataloguing of moles please book a 30min appointment.

During the skin check each spot will be studied using magnification and dermoscopy which is an advanced examination device used to give more information to aid diagnosis. If there is a chance that the spot might be cancer, then there are a number of options available:
Cryotherapy – the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the spot and surrounding skin. This aims to destroy the abnormal cells to get rid of them. This is a quick and simple procedure that can be carried out during the skin check consultation for a small additional cost.
Creams – there are 2 different creams that can treat certain skin cancer related conditions. These both work by destroying the abnormal cells in preference to the healthy cells. This can cure spots where the abnormal cells are confined to the surface. It is particularly useful in situations where there is a large area of sun damaged skin on the arms or hands for example.
Biopsy – if the diagnosis is unclear a small sample of the spot can be taken for analysis. This is a 15 minute and straight forward procedure
Surgical excision – complete removal of the cancer is the treatment of choice for most skin cancers. Several doctors perform simple excisions. Larger or more challenging excisions are referred to Dr Anderson, this includes spots that will need advanced closure techniques such as flaps or grafts. The length of time and therefore cost depends on the complexity and will be agreed at the time. Removal of certain skin cancers can be funded by the Western Bay of Plenty skin cancer service which means there is no cost to the patient. Dr Anderson is a provider of this service.

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